Are you planning to buy roller blinds for your home? Hang back as this decision should not be made in haste. You first have to become informative and do some research before you get roller blinds for your house. You need to be mindful of your needs and figure out what indoor blinds will serve your purpose.

Below, we have talked about three things that you must keep in mind when you decide to have roller blinds installed in your residence:

  • Single or dual

Yes, you read it right. Both single and dual rollers are available in the market today, and if money is not a constraint, you must ideally go for double roller blinds, for they have more advantages to offer. You can tap into the benefits of two different types of fabric in the case of a double roller.

You can cover half the window with one fabric that is thick and opaque and blocks sunlight entirely. With the other translucent one, you will be able to screen the daylight entering your house, thereby creating a soothing ambiance and preventing unnecessary glare on the TV screen installed on your wall and other shiny objects.

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However, if you have just one objective behind installing roller blinds in a room, say creating a dark atmosphere during daytime or enjoying light sunlight while not letting outsiders peep inside your house, a single roller shall suffice.

  • Fabric

When it’s time for you to buy roller blinds, you will discover that there are three types of classification as far as fabric is concerned, viz. blackout, sunscreen, and translucent. The specialties of each of these fabrics are as follows:

Blockout – Often, when you want darkness in your living room during the daytime, especially while watching a movie, a blackout screen can ably serve your purpose.

Sunscreen – What a sunscreen lotion does to the skin, a sunscreen roller blind will do to your room, i.e. offer UV protection and control the heat and glare of the sun. And your neighbors will not be able to see what’s happening inside your dwelling.

Translucent – These rollers let you partially see the outdoor activities, but that outside cannot look inside your house. Go for this option if you want less light to reflect off your TV and PC.

  • Functioning

Today is the age of smart devices. So, it is a given that you will be able to operate your roller blinds automatically as well. But the choice is yours. If you are laidback, you can go for motorized rollers, but if you want to move and give some exercise to your hands and legs, buying a manual roller blind will not be unwise.

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