A significant part of our time is lost mulling over what is important for the choice of our home window treatments – blinds or curtains? In common parlance, fabric curtains top the list, since they hang vertically from the rod and are hassle-free options.

On the other hand, blinds look refined and impart a typically sophisticated look, which involves a lot of work as you need to measure the window size and install complex rollers, Venetian or Roman blinds. Indeed we can’t do without good quality window coverings for our home. Or else how do you think sunlight would enter? Or how would be able to maintain privacy? And what about the interior décor? If you’re stuck in the usual debate between curtains and blinds, wondering about the best choice – here are a few vital factors that can aid in your decision-making process.

Design Style

If you decide to get curtains, then there are multiple design styles that you can select. On the other hand, blinds are suggested to those who love having a modern and somewhat minimalist décor. With Roman blinds, you have a fabric that’s matched with the other room furnishings. Contrarily, Roller or Venetian blinds allow a feel-good factor for the home office setup or a simple study room. What’s best with blinds is that you get a very neat and tidy look to the overall space. Think of materials like wood, metal, jute, and fabric, when you install blinds.

Light Control

Apart from protecting your privacy, blinds and curtains work supremely in reducing extra sunlight to the rooms. Curtains are better when keeping the light out, especially when weather extremities happen. The heavier the curtain material, the better is the chance of staying protected from the harsher climes.

Now, blinds offer better control in lighting conditions. You can simply adjust the angle of slats, according to the exact light you want in the room. One of the chief advantages of Roman and roller blinds is that they expose the total window space, and offer maximum light. But the flip-side is when they’re lifted down; they again bring in light from the sides. So, try and opt for blinds that are longer and wider in comparison to the window. That way, you can effectively block the light using them. Venetian blinds have a lift cord or tilt mechanism that blocks the light well. However, it’s still partial.

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Sound Control

This is a tad questionable, but choosing a heavy curtain made of darker colours and denser fabrics will help you control sound optimally. Soundproofing curtain materials are now aplenty. Mostly, the heavy materials allow quality insulation. Blinds have slats, and that results in sound escapes. The next time you purchase materials, choose velvet and other mixed varieties.

Ease of Maintenance 

It’s far easier to maintain a curtain than blinds, simply because you can clean them in washing machines or put them in the laundry or dry cleaning. Think of roman blinds and how cumbersome it can be to dismantle them so that you wash them separately. That’s not all! You would then need to reassemble again. Now Venetian blinds also require similar maintenance, since the slats gather a lot of dirt, dust, and grime, and need frequent cleaning. In addition to that, the strings or cords can get tangles owing to rough use. Hence, contact professionals for installation, repairs, and dismantling of these blinds.

Room Size

If yours is a spacious room, full-length curtains are the best picks. On the other hand, blinds work great for compact spaces, or moisture-induced areas like kitchens, and bathrooms. If you have furniture pieces like a sofa below the window or large beds, then window blinds would be better picks.


There’s no missing out on this! You need to take care of your budget when deciding on the best window coverings. Both curtains and blinds can be availed at diverse prices. But the exact cost depends on the size, materials, and the seller. So assess what you need, and you’ll end up getting what you paid for.

No matter what, it’s all about personal preference. As stressed earlier too, curtains and blinds are effective at different points, so comparing can be a waste of time!

Bottom Line

The good thing about both curtains and blinds is that you can have both in the same house. Just pay heed to where you install, and if at all, whether it justifies the overall look.

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