Sheer Window Blinds

Sheer Curtains diffuse sunlight and soften your home. They let the daylight through your windows but provide privacy so they are perfect to use on their own or in a layered window solution. Our Curtain are designed to meet all the requirements of modern living.

We have a wide range of colour collections to suit your room and your style.

They offer the minimal privacy that is expected of any curtain and wave patterns make for a distinct feature of sheer curtains that are often used in combination with blockout rollers.  

Topblinds Melbourne provides customers with a wide variety of S fold and wave curtains and you can easily find one that suits the interiors of your house. 

Topblinds experts can help you with the fitting and installation of the ideal sheer curtains at your place.  

By combining sheer curtains with something equally useful, you can insulate your house against both heat and cold, thereby bringing down your energy bills drastically.  


Our curtains are produced in Melbourne.


An inclusive wash within 2 years after purchasing our curtains. (*Condition Applied)


We deliver our curtains within 7-10 days.


Best products & services in the industry.

Track Options

Multiple track options are available for different headings and it is up to you what you choose to create the best look and feel. To keep it simple, you may go for traditional rods but when you have beautification on your mind, decorative s fold tracks is what you can opt for.  

Type A
Type B

Carrier System

Removable Pendants


The motorisation of sheer curtains results in sheer convenience and luxury.  Even though the use of wireless technology is now the order of the day, you still have hard-wired motors for operating sheer curtains and in the case of wire-free technology involving the use of lithium batteries, your sheer curtains will transform into smart curtains that you can control through your smartphone or Alexa. If you want, our décor consultant can hide the motors in the ceiling cavity so that they do not mar the beauty of your room.    

Mix & Match 

If you wish to impart a warm feel to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or even the covered verandah for that matter, you can go for a combination of S fold curtains and drapes or roller blinds, creating a perfect blend of style and functionality in the process.        

S Fold Sheer Curtains 

S fold sheers, which are also called ripple fold sheers, are named so because of the shape that they create. If you see them from a distance, you will see that they form a soft S shape. There are no formal pleats and these curtains are held in their place by the track they are attached to.  

S fold sheer curtains sport a subtle and modern look comprising folded drapery from start to end. It is not uncommon to see them spanning the entire height of a room i.e. rising from the floor and reaching the ceiling. We will again reiterate it’s the tracks that give S fold sheers their special shape. And the tracks can be fixed to the ceiling or the wall, depending upon the look you wish to go for. If you mount the track on the ceiling, it will seem that your ceiling is higher than what it actually is.  

If there are multiple windows in your house, you can unify them through the use of S fold sheers.   

For Sheer Curtains in Melbourne, Topblinds is a top choice and our sheers will offer you sheer joy and satisfaction as you buy them from us.