Take control of your environment World-class, fully featured motorisation systems. World class motorisation products and systems designed for the window covering industry.

Topblinds readily deals in indoor and outdoor motorised blinds, awnings and more in Melbourne. We can provide you with curtains, electric roller blinds, shades and awnings that you can operate at the touch of a button. Our motorised blinds will allow you to improve your lifestyle and enjoy more comfort and security while exercising full control over the light and privacy in your house.  

  • At Topblinds, we only use proven and tested motors and components.
  • Motorised blinds are a modern addition anywhere and you can even control them through an app on your smartphone. They really stand for convenience as you won’t have to retract blinds manually by using a crank or a chain. Our motorised blinds also come with a warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Our motorised blinds are integrated with sun and rain/wind sensors and respond accordingly, meaning when the sun is out, the smart blinds will open up on their own and the moment it gets windy or rainy, they will retract, thereby preventing any damage.
  • Our motorised blinds are nothing less than a boon for the elderly who will just need a remote to operate heavy blinds or those that are installed closer to the ceiling. And they are child-safe too, devoid as they are of cords and chains that can cause harm to children.
  • Our motorised blinds are also less prone to wear and tear that is more likely to occur in those that are operated manually. Once you switch them on, they reach their maximum limit and cannot stretch any further. Motorisation also comes in handy in operating multiple smart blinds together.
  • Lastly, we deal in all the renowned brands and you can connect the motorised blinds that you buy from us to Alexa or Siri and operate them even when you are not at home.  


We provide a range of tubular motors, suitable for indoor roller blinds, roman blinds and timber venetians, as well as awnings and outdoor blinds. Our motors come with a 5 year warranty.



Roller blinds, roman blinds and curtains can all be controlled with one remote with our motorisation system. We offer a large flexible range of control options, so every need can be satisfied.



Smooth, quiet and fast operation, our curtain tracks are designed to be completely user-friendly. The simple and time-saving auto commissioning function allows it to set its own limits.



Adapt your environment perfectly to your needs with the a mobile application. Open your blinds using your phone, even from outside the home! It is easy to use, and compatible with Google and Alexa.

Topblinds experts can help you select and install the ideal motorised blinds in your home or office, those that will work efficiently all year round in any weather condition. Our recommendations and the subsequent services will be based on factors like heating, cooling, lifestyle, aesthetics, etc.